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23 Top Travel Apps in Europe That Will Save You Time and Money

Are you planning to visit Europe and looking for Apps that will help you to organize your trip? I have created a comprehensive list of travel apps for Europe I use frequently that will help you save time and money and more importantly, give you more energy to enjoy your travel hassle-free. All the apps listed below are free to install and are categorized according to their main function such as apps for sightseeing, travel maps, train apps, and apps for saving money while traveling in Europe.

Best Travel Apps in Europe To Save Money 


Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) is a popular international money transfer service that allows users to send money across borders with lower fees compared to traditional banks. If you frequently transfer money internationally or deal with multiple currencies, Wise can be a convenient and cost-efficient solution compared to traditional banks. It currently supports 160 countries and 40 currencies. The main features of Wise App are:

  • Currency exchange at the real mid-market exchange rate which is a much better rate compared to rates offered by traditional banks.
  • More transparency compared to traditional banks by charging an upfront fee that is typically displayed before you initiate a transfer.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts: You can hold money in different currencies within your Wise account.
different currencies around the world


Airalo is the world’s first eSIM (digital SIM card) provider that offers global, pre-paid mobile data connectivity for over 200 countries and regions. It helps to avoid high roaming bills and the need to get local SIM cards when traveling. I and my friend had only positive experiences with it so far and it largely simplified our life while traveling.

Airalo supports various devices that are compatible with eSIM technology, such as smartphones, tablets, and certain smartwatches. Please check if your device is eSIM compatible here. Some of the main features of Airalo are:

  • Users can purchase data plans for specific countries or regions directly within the app with instant activation.
  • Some plans cover multiple countries or regions, making them suitable for travelers with itineraries that span different locations.
  • Users can choose data plans based on their travel duration, whether it’s for a few days or several weeks.


AirHelp is an online service that helps its users get compensation from airlines when their flight gets canceled, delayed, or overbooked. It simplifies the claims process, potentially saving you time and effort in pursuing compensation directly from airlines. AirHelp is free to use. It only collects a percentage of your total compensation once you receive it. You can claim compensation for any delay over 3 hours.

ATM Fee Saver 

When you withdraw cash at ATMs abroad often you are charged exorbitant fees which can easily eat up your travel budget. All those fees and extra charges are the main disadvantages of traveling abroad. What if I told you that it is possible to reduce or even avoid paying those unjustified fees? ATM Fee Saver is the first mobile app and online platform that helps travelers find fee-free and low-fee ATMs while traveling abroad. It is currently available in over 45 countries. Moreover, it provides a free calculator to estimate fees for your desired withdrawal amount, so just give it a try.


FlixBus is a European long-distance bus service that operates in over 40 countries, providing an affordable and convenient travel option for passengers. With over 400,000 routes worldwide, you can easily find the most suitable option for your trip. 

FixBus bus tickets are very affordable and usually much cheaper than train tickets which tend to get very expensive if you don’t book far in advance. With FixBus, the ticket prices stay almost the same no matter if you book in advance or last moment, providing you possibility to be spontaneous and flexible. I have used FlixBus many times when traveling in Europe.

Best Travel Apps for Sightseeing in Europe

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is a popular travel platform to help users plan and enhance their travel experiences. Using the TripAdvisor travel app is essential if you are looking for reliable information, reviews, and recommendations to plan your trips effectively. Here are some key features of the TripAdvisor app:

  • Access to millions of user-generated reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants, attractions, and more.
  • Helps users make informed decisions based on the experiences of other travelers.
  • Search functionality for hotels, restaurants, flights, and attractions.
  • Community forums where users can ask questions, seek advice, and share travel tips with fellow travelers.


GetYourGuide is a European travel app designed to assist travelers in discovering remarkable travel experiences, no matter their destination. The tours offered by GetYourGuide include but are not limited to skip-the-line access to renowned global attractions, guided walking tours led by local experts, engaging culinary and beverage tours, interactive cooking and craft classes, unique bucket list activities, and special offers not available elsewhere. Here are some key features of the GetYourGuide app:

  • The app covers over 118,000 experiences in 150 countries, including hard-to-book attractions
  • The app often allows for instant booking of tours and activities, providing a convenient and straightforward reservation process.
  • Provides the option to purchase skip-the-line tickets for popular attractions, helping you save time and avoid queues.
  • Travelers also have the option to select GetYourGuide Originals, specialized tours that represent the pinnacle of immersive exploration around the globe


GoCity App offers city passes in over 30 destinations and helps you save up to 65% on top attractions, museums, and tours. It offers hassle-free sightseeing with free cancellation in case your plans change, so no need to have a fixed itinerary and you can plan as you go. What I like about GoCity is that it allows you to choose the number of days and attractions you want to visit with your chosen city pass. GoCity App also offers a free tool, that helps you to calculate in real-time how much you can potentially save compared to buying those tours and entrance tickets individually.  

Sandemans New Europe 

Sandemans New Europe App offers Incredible Free Walking Tours, day trips & experiences across 20 cities in Europe and the Middle East. The local expert guides perform the Free Tour on a tips-only basis, requiring them to provide the best tour every time, and ensuring that you have an unforgettable experience. 

Best Trip Planner Apps in Europe


Skyscanner is one of the most popular flight search engines in Europe. It allows users to search for and compare prices on flights from various European Airlines. It aggregates data from different booking platforms and allows you to compare the prices.

If you are looking for convenient and cost-effective ways to plan your trip in Europe then you should try the Skyscanner App. It provides a comprehensive platform for comparing and booking flights while offering additional features to enhance the overall travel experience (car rentals, accommodation, etc.). Here are some key features of the Skyscanner travel app:

  • Comprehensive flight search functionality that allows users to compare prices from various airlines and travel agencies.
  • Flexible search options, including one-way, round-trip, and multi-city flights.
  • Set up price alerts for specific flights or routes, and receive notifications when prices drop.
  • Allows users to search for flight deals without specifying a particular destination, inspiring budget-friendly travel.
  • Flexible date search feature to find the cheapest days to fly.


This unique travel search tool helps users save time and money when planning trips to multiple destinations. It scouts every possible travel combination on a multi-city trip to find the lowest possible prices. It helps to create itineraries combined from over 750 airlines and carriers, including many that do not usually cooperate.

Airlines often overprice one-way tickets and sell them for a higher price than round-trip tickets. Based in the Czech Republic, Kiwi App helps to avoid expensive direct fares on popular routes whether you choose to travel one way or take the round trip.


AZair is a low-cost airfare search engine that does not require you to enter exact dates of travel. It combines low-cost carriers and picks the cheapest options from various possible connections. Currently, the AZair database covers flights from 62 European low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet, and WizzAir. If you have a strict budget and flexible schedule, then check out the AZair App.


Booking is Europe’s most popular travel app for searching a wide range of accommodation options with user reviews and the ability to make secure bookings (with free cancellations). Whether you’re planning a vacation, business trip, or any other journey, the app provides a user-friendly platform to find and book accommodations tailored to your needs. Some of the key features of the App are:

  • Access to a vast database of accommodations, including hotels, hostels, apartments, and more (for all budgets).
  • User-generated reviews and ratings for accommodations help you make informed decisions about the quality of the stay.
  • Robust search filters to narrow down accommodation options based on criteria such as price range, amenities, and location.
  • Access to special deals, discounts, and promotions on accommodations, including
    “Genius” loyalty program for additional discounts and perks for frequent users.
  • View accommodations on an interactive map to understand their proximity to key attractions, transportation hubs, and landmarks.


Hostelworld is a popular online platform for booking budget accommodations, particularly hostels, around the world. It is very popular among budget-conscious travelers, backpackers, and those looking for a social and communal accommodation experience. The app provides an easy and convenient way to find, book, and manage hostel stays in Europe. Here are some key features of the Hostelworld travel app:

  • Access to a wide range of hostels, budget hotels, and budget-friendly accommodations.
  • User-generated reviews and ratings for hostels to help you pick the best one
  • Check real-time availability of hostels and book instantly (very helpful during peak season)
  • Explore accommodations with flexible date options to find the best rates for your travel period.

Best Train Apps in Europe

“There are train stations in many of the smaller European villages, some of which cannot even be accessed by bus. So if you plan to take the road less traveled, trains may be the most efficient way to get around. European trains run like clockwork, contrary to airplanes that are often affected by delays.”

DB Train in Berlin main train station.


Trainline is Europe’s leading train and coach app available on Android and iOS. It aggregates and compares data from over 270 rail and coach operators in 40 countries to save users time and money.  By using the app you will get real-time personalized information about routes, train stations, prices, and travel times to choose the best and cheapest travel option for you. You can also buy the train tickets on your selected route directly on the app and save them digitally.


Omio, formerly known as GoEuro, is a German travel platform that allows users to search, compare, and book various transportation options, including trains, buses, and flights. It covers 207 European airports, over ten thousand central bus stations, and over twenty thousand train stations. The Omio app aims to simplify the travel planning process by consolidating various transportation options into one platform. This can save you time and potentially help you find more affordable and convenient travel choices.


Nighthet, as the name suggests, is the leading European night train service operated by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). It connects major European cities overnight by offering sleeper cabins, couchettes, and seating carriages with various comfort levels that you can choose from. The Nightjet trains usually leave in the late evening and arrive in early morning at your destination allowing you to make the best of your day. Nightjet offers a private compartment for families and a special compartment for ladies only including breakfast and bed linen.

Best Travel Apps to Get Around in Europe 


RentCars is a leading car rental app that is widely used in Europe. Working with leading suppliers, it offers great prices on all car groups including luxury cars, people carriers, minivans, and automatic cars. The app compares 900 car companies in thousands of places worldwide helping you to find the best option for your selected date and location. 

Travelling by car


BlaBlaCar is Europe’s leading carpooling platform currently available in 21 countries. It offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way for people to share rides while chatting and enjoying the ride together. BlaBlaCar connects drivers with passengers who are willing to travel together in the same direction and share the cost of the journey. The app takes security seriously. It includes secure transactions and comprehensive driver information with reviews from previous passengers. 


Bolt is Europe’s leading mobility super-app and an alternative to Uber in Europe (although Uber is also widely used). It offers car-hailing and carsharing services, as well as food and grocery delivery services. Currently, it is available in over 45 countries and works both on Android and iOS devices.


CityMapper is an urban transportation app designed to help users navigate and plan their journeys within cities. It helps you instantly compare your travel options in real-time across all transport modes in a selected city such as turn-by-turn directions for all your public transportation, walking, cycling, and scooter trips. You can compare cab fares, hail a ride, hop on a shared bike, or find the nearest e-scooter all from within the app. All the information in the app is displayed in real-time, helping you to adjust your plans in case of delays and disruptions.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the leading mapping application in the world and if you have an Android device then you have it already installed on your device. It helps you to find the best routes no matter if you are walking, driving, or cycling. 

Map for navigation is a free map allowing you to download offline maps and use them if you don’t have an internet connection while traveling. It is one of my favorite travel apps. I always download the offline map for the city or the region I am traveling to beforehand and mark my hotel and places I want to visit on the map. The app is best used for walking and also for manually creating hiking routes and walking routes in a city. I found it to be more useful than Google Maps in forests, mountains, and small unknown villages where most of the paths are not so well marked.  The app is available both for Android and iOS devices.

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