Beautiful view in Lastiver Armenia

Fun Things to Do in Yenokavan Armenia

Yenokavan village is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Armenia. It is located in the Tavush region where famous Lastiver Resorts are located. This region is known for its mild climate, lavish green forests, rocks, and canyons. In recent years a lot of efforts have been made to build the entire infrastructure here such as luxury hotels, eco lodges, horseback riding facilities, and even an extreme park which is one of the biggest and most famous in the entire Caucasus. Moreover, there are so many exciting things to do in Lastiver such as hiking with its hidden caves and waterfalls or horseriding. For adrenaline lovers there is also a possibility to try one of the best zip lines in Caucasus.

A beautiful lake in Lastiver Armenia

How to get to Yenokavan from Yerevan

Yenokavan is located about 140 kilometers north of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The best way to get to Yenokavan village is by car. The public transportation in Armenia is not very developed. There is a possibility to take a bus from North Station in Yerevan to Ijevan which will cost about 3-4 dollars and then a taxi to Lastiver for about 6-10 dollars. That would be probably the cheapest option but not the most convenient one. On the other hand, the taxis in Armenia are among the cheapest in the world and it will cost you only 20k Drams or about 40 dollars to get to Yenokavan from Yerevan Airport or the city center. 

Important Distances

  • from Yenokavan to Yell Extreme Park – 3.3 KM
  • from Yell part to Lastiver caves – 2.5 KM
  • from Yenokavan to Lastiver caves – 6 KM

Best Time to visit Yenokavan and Lastiver

The best time to go to Yenokavan is from May to September. The temperature here is quite pleasant in summer with very few short rainfalls. It is usually also a bit cooler than in Yerevan where the temperatures can reach 40 C (104°F) degrees and above. That’s why many locals go to the Ijervan region where Yenokavan is located in summer. It’s very hard to book accommodation on the weekends in Lastiver Resorts in Yenokavan so you should go there either during the week or book far in advance if you wanna spend the weekend there.  

Things to do in Yenokavan Armenia

The area around Yenokavan village is a popular destination for nature and adventure lovers. Here are a few things to do in Lastiver to fully experience what it has to offer.

Hiking to Lastiver Caves

Lastiver caves are located in the mountain gorge in the valley of  Khachaghbyur River, about 3 kilometers away from Yenokavan village. During the Mongol invasion in the XIII-XIV centuries, the local population tried to hide from the enemy in these caves. On the walls of Lastiver caves, you can see carved images and sculptures resembling pre-Christian rock paintings. In fact, they were created by an unknown sculptor in the modern era. The hiking trail to Lastiver Caves is very picturesque. On the way, you will see some wooden tree huts, cliffs, canyons, and green mountain forests resembling Switzerland.

Discovering Hidden Waterfalls of Lastiver

If you hike a bit further down the gorge you can hear the sound of the Khachaghbyur River and beautiful waterfalls hidden deep inside the gorge not far from Lasitver caves.

Trying out the Longest Zipline with Yell Extreme Park

In recent years Yenokavan has become the main location in Armenia and the entire Caucasus for eco-tourism and adventure activities such as ziplining, mountain biking, paragliding, and horseback riding. Yelle Extreme Park, located near Apaga Resort, is the first adventure park in Armenia and one of the biggest in the Caucasus. It is about a two-hour drive both from Yerevan and Tbilisi, the capitals of Armenia and Georgia.  I recommend taking a day pass to try out all the activities the Yell Extreme Park has to offer. The list of activities includes but is not limited to off-road tours, ziplining, via Ferrata, paintball, zorbing, and horseback riding. I highly recommend the ziplining which includes 6 flights with cables between 135 and 750 meters long crossing scenic Yenokavan Canyon. Lastiver and the Yell Extreme Park is the “Costa Rica of Caucasus” in my opinion, if you know what I mean. You will get unforgettable experiences and enjoy the breathtaking nature of this region.

Map of Yell Extreme Park

Map of Yell Extreme Park in Lastiver Armenia

Horseback Riding in Yenokavan

Now is the time for good news for horse lovers like me. There are various horseback riding tours available in Lastiver close to Apaga Resorts. The tours range from a few minutes to several days with camping. You will ride through forests and meadows and enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the Armenian wilderness.  

Where to Stay in Yenokavan?

There are numerous Airbnb and homestay options in Yenokavan village. If you drive a bit further up to the mountains, you will find beautiful resorts and eco-lodges with amazing views. The most famous resorts in the area are the Lastiver Resort and Apaga Resort. Both of them offer great service and relaxation. The Apaga Resort is a bit closer to the main hiking trails and the Yell Extreme Park, whereas the Lastiver Resort offers more comfort, better views, and an amazing infinity pool. 

My Review of Lastiver Resort 

The Lastiver Resort was built a few years ago inspired by Italian architecture. The resort is built alongside the cliff overlooking a breathtaking mountain gorge. Each of the rooms has a balcony with a full view of the mountains. Imagine having your morning coffee with such a view! Lastiver Resort has an indoor pool, outdoor pool, saunas, and a beautiful Mediterranean style. I enjoyed having my breakfast and dinner in this garden with amazing views. The facility also includes mountain bike and ATV rentals and a place for playing table tennis and badminton. It is a good idea to book your accommodation in advance, especially during the peak tourist season June to September, and the Christmas holidays. You can find more information and make reservations online or through a travel agency.

Final Thoughts

If you love nature and enjoy adventures but don’t want to compromise your comfort then Lastiver and the whole Igevan reagan is definitely for you. It is slowly becoming a top destination in the Caucasus and attracting eco-tourism but it’s still kind of a hidden gem. 

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