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Panoramic View over Anse Major Bay in Mahe island, Seychelles

Best Things to do in Mahe, Seychelles

Mahé is the largest island and the administrative center of Seychelles archipelago on the Eastern part of the African Continent. Around 80% of the total population of Seychelles lives in Mahé. The country’s only international airport is located here, that’s why Mahé is considered the gateway to the tropical paradise of Seychelles. Compared to other …

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windmill in a green field producing alternative-energy

The Future of Travel After 2020

As an avid traveler and newbie travel blogger, I have been thinking about the future of the travel industry in general and travel blogging in particular after 2020. I have been reading many magazines and publications, watching the latest news, and simply analyzing everything ( thanks to having more time due to being isolated at …

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