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English Cinema in Munich: Locations and Tips

Most cinemas in Munich show the dupped versions of movies in German but some great movie theaters show the movies in their original version. In this guide, I will show you easy ways to find movies in English on German websites, and the best cinemas in Munich showing movies in English.

Who am I?
I am an expat living in Munich for over a decade now. I know how hard it is to adapt to a new culture and learn German. In this blog, I try to help other expats living in Munich and visitors with the best advice I can give and share my knowledge accumulated over the years.

How to Find English Movies in Munich?

English movies are usually advertised as “Original Version” or OV in cinemas.  Many Cinemas in Munich show movies in English. To find them, you just need to look for the keyword “OV” in the description before buying the ticket online. Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean English, just that it’s in the original language of the film (French, Spanish, etc.). If it has “OmU” in the description,  it means that the movie will be shown in original audio (e. g. English) but with German subtitles. 

List of Best English Cinemas in Munich

Several cinemas in Munich are famous for showing most of the movies in English and they are very popular among expats living in Munich and locals.

Museum Lichtspiele

The Museum Lichtspiele is known for its unique and nostalgic atmosphere. It is the oldest still operational cinema in Munich, dating back to 1910. The cinema has retained much of its original charm and character, offering a contrast to modern multiplex theaters. Visitors often appreciate the vintage decor, including classic red velvet seats and an old-fashioned ticket booth.

Film Selection
One notable feature of the Museum Lichtspiele is its commitment to showcasing a diverse range of films. While it may not have as many screens as larger cinemas, it often screens a selection of independent, foreign, and classic films. This focus on alternative and less mainstream cinema has contributed to the cinema’s distinct identity and appeal to cinephiles.

Museum Lichtspiele English Cinema Munich

Mathäser Filmpalast

Mathäser Filmpalast is situated in the heart of Munich, near the main train station (Hauptbahnhof). Its central location makes it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. Mathäser Filmpalast is known for being one of the largest and most modern movie theaters in Munich. It typically features multiple screens, and its facilities include state-of-the-art projection and sound systems. The cinema often hosts premieres and special events.

The Mathäser Fimpalast is part of a large complex that includes shopping areas and restaurants allowing a full entertainment experience.

Film Selection
The movie theater screens a wide variety of films, including mainstream Hollywood releases, international films, and occasionally independent or art-house films. It aims to cater to diverse audience preferences.

mathaeser filmpalast cinema munich

Cinema Filmtheater Munich

The Cinema Filmtheater is the only movie theater in Munich known for showing all the movies in the original version in English (OV) and offering to buy tickets online in English. It has a great variety of snacks and the best popcorn in the city according to locals.

Cinema Filmtheater is a small movie theater with a cozy vibe, friendly staff, and a modern sound and visual system. 

Pro Tip: The best seats are in the last row of the balcony. Here you have privacy and the best views. But be sure to book the seats in advance!

Film Selection
Cinema Filmtheater shows a wide variety of movies including blockbusters, arthouse films, and live transmissions from international opera houses.

Cinema Filmtheater Munich


CinemaxX is a chain of cinemas all over Germany including Munich. This is a modern multiplex movie theater equipped with modern audio and visual systems. Although it shows the majority of movies in German, sometimes it also shows movies in the original language including English. So it’s worth occasionally searching for the “OV” or “OmV” keyword in its program.

Film Selection
CinemaxX usually screens a wide variety of films, including Hollywood blockbusters, international films, and occasionally independent or art-house films. CinemaxX has also a special “Mini Morning and Maxi Mornings” edition for families and kids for reduced family price. You can also watch live concerts, opera, and ballet on the large screens of the cinema.

Cinema Popcorn

Gloria Palast

Located directly at Karlsplatz in the heart of Munich, Gloria Palast offers a first-of-a-kind premium experience for movie lovers in Munich. The tickets are sold for a premium price but you get value for your money – spacious comfortable seats, a welcome drink, and premium service in English and German. And most importantly, you can order your drinks and food directly from your seat!

Gloria Palast is one of Munich’s traditional cinemas and has a history dating back several decades. It is often appreciated for its architectural and historical significance and unique ambiance and charm. If you like luxury experiences such as service at your seat, luxurious seating comfort, culinary highlights, and a warm champagne reception, then Gloria Palast is the best selection for you. 

Film Selection
In addition to new releases, the Gloria Palast also offers special live broadcasts of classical concerts and operas from the world’s great houses.

Gloria Palast Movie Theater Munich

City Kinos

The City Kinos is a small and charming movie theater in the heart of Munich. It is known for having the best selection of art-house movies and homemade yummy popcorn.

The movie theater is pretty old-school and is not equipped the with latest sound and visual systems, nevertheless, it offers a great experience as an alternative cinema in Munich. One of the main advantages of this small movie theater is that most movies here are shown in English.

Film Selection
Mostly art-house films with several screens and a cafe bar with a sun terrace/beer garden, plus private events.

City kinos Munich

Etiquette in German Movie Theaters

Etiquette in Munich cinemas is largely the same as in other parts of the world. You should not be talking if the movie has already started, unwrapping crinkly paper the whole time, or talking on the phone. The best would be to switch off your phone completely or turn on the flight mode. You should arrive at the cinema a few minutes before the official start to find your sit without disturbing others. It is allowed to drink and eat snacks in German cinemas, however, this should be done quietly. 

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